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Design & Manufacture

With LTA, there are virtually no limits to your balloon design! We use computer-aided design and modular manufacturing techniques, allowing your hot air balloon to replicate any product or logo, from a can of drink to a giant motorbike. We can even digitally print your balloon giving a photo quality finish.

LTA will work with you to create comprehensive artwork visuals, using our extensive experience to ensure even the most ambitious balloon designs work.

From concept to completion, LTA will manage the design and manufacture process on your behalf. We work with leading hot air balloon manufacturers using the latest techniques to ensure your balloon looks amazing and lasts for years to come. Throughout the entire process, LTA will send you regular updates on how your hot air balloon is progressing.


LTA will provide you with a top commercial pilot and crew, who will work with you to provide a full and varied flight plan which will enhance and complement your existing advertising campaign. We organise the booking and paperwork of the shows and events you want to take part in, as well as liaising with the Civil Aviation Authority.

LTA also arranges the transportation, storage and maintenance of your new hot air balloon, so all you have to do is sit back and marvel as your balloon takes flight.

Hot air balloons make advertising into an event. Even private launches will draw crowds, with larger air ballooning events drawing thousands of members of the public along with press and media crews. LTA works very closely with you and the media to gain as much coverage as possible - we provide press kits, rides and interviews to maximise your campaign without further costs, though the value can exceed thousands of pounds and, in some cases, millions.

‘To most the sky is the limit…                                       To us the sky is home!’ Lighter Than Air Limited is very proud to support the Teenage Cancer Trust!

Public Relations

At LTA, we provide a comprehensive PR service to ensure your hot air balloon gets the attention it deserves. We liaise with both local and national press, in addition to supplying an in-house journalist and photographer to achieve full press coverage on your balloon. We can also create opportunities to entice all media to your launch - for example, World Record attempts and VIP or celebrity flights.

LTA also creates individual press packs for events, packed with exciting facts about your company and hot air balloon, mapping the way for further opportunities for your business.

There's no doubt that a hot air balloon draws immediate attention from members of the public, but there is also a highly elevated level of brand retention. Studies show that nearly everyone who sees your balloon will remember it and recognise your brand - making a balloon four times more powerful than a billboard.

Support Services

In addition to your balloon advertising programme, LTA can offer a range of support services including:

All of which are designed to compliment your brand, increasing awareness and enhancing overall results.

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